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Hello, my name is Katy and this blog is dedicated to how you can improve the interior of your home. Last year, I renovated my kitchen and it completely changed my life. Although I am really happy with the results, I didn't expect it to be so challenging. I kind of jumped in at the deep end, ripped my old kitchen out and then realised I had no idea how to install a new one or even what design I would like to choose. Thankfully, my friend who is a bit of an expert at these things guided me through the entire process and I learnt a lot of useful things. Since then, I have started to rennovate the rest of my home and garden.


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3 Easy Ways To Save Space In Every Kitchen

Apartment or unit living is ideal for many people. These smaller dwellings supply you with the space you need, without giving you too much. The kitchen is often a central point of many homes, and quite often where you need the most room to move around, as there are so many different appliances that must fit in the one area. This means everything needs to able to fit easily so you have room to move. But how do you make the most of a small amount of kitchen space? These tips will help you make the most of a small kitchen, and can be applied regardless of your kitchen's design or size.

1. Make the most of corner space

Often, corner cupboards and corner bench space stay quite bare or get over-cluttered by objects you hardly ever use. This is because corner cupboards and bench spaces can be quite hard access, especially when it comes to deep cupboards or benches. Make the most of your corners by trying alternative cupboard designs such as drawers that pull out diagonally and can be easily accessed. Lazy Susan drawers are also a great idea. This means that you have a rotating bottom on the cupboard so it's easier to access items. You could also install shelves that flip out entirely when you open the cupboard.

A really interesting and useful idea is to have your sink placed diagonally over a bench corner. This not only uses the bench space effectively, but also uses the corner cupboard for that necessary plumbing, saving space in side cupboards for other things.

2. Fill every surface

Every little bit counts in a small kitchen, so think about the bits you're missing. A high up bit of wall? The space between a cupboard and the range hood? The ceiling? Racks are fantastic for saving space and they can fit on or in just about any surface. A metal bar across the back of a cupboard door is perfect for pot lids. A pull-out spice rack in a small gap around cupboards is really easy to install. Hook and hangers across the ceiling make the perfect place for hanging pots, mugs, even little pots of herbs.

The key is to try to find every surface you haven't used yet, but also make sure it doesn't look too cluttered. Thus, try to space them out evenly.

3. Get creative with your appliances

There are certain electronics every kitchen needs, but that doesn't mean that every kitchen has to install them in the same way. Appliances in cupboards and drawers save space very efficiently, and at the same time also look very modern and sleek by hiding away the menial items of the kitchen and leaving more open to design. Pull-out dishwasher drawers are a very good example of this. You can also consider fridges behind cupboard doors, or cupboards that are fridges and freezers. There are also stoves that have removable covers; this means you can use that area as bench space when the stove isn't in use.

For more information, talk to a kitchen design specialist like Hunter Kitchen Company Pty Ltd.