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Hello, my name is Katy and this blog is dedicated to how you can improve the interior of your home. Last year, I renovated my kitchen and it completely changed my life. Although I am really happy with the results, I didn't expect it to be so challenging. I kind of jumped in at the deep end, ripped my old kitchen out and then realised I had no idea how to install a new one or even what design I would like to choose. Thankfully, my friend who is a bit of an expert at these things guided me through the entire process and I learnt a lot of useful things. Since then, I have started to rennovate the rest of my home and garden.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Blinds Over Curtains

Curtains and blinds are both window coverings and it is sometimes very hard to choose between these options because each has its own benefits and shortcomings. This article discusses why you should choose blinds instead of curtains.

Control of light intensity

Blinds allow you to control how much light you can let into a room. For instance, you can open the blinds fully so that more light gets into the room when the sky is overcast, then open them partially later in the day when it becomes too bright. This flexibility is not possible with curtains since they can be only open or closed. For this reason, blinds are a better choice since they allow you to adjust the amount of light getting into a room.

More privacy

It is very easy for shadows to been seen from outside a room where curtains have been installed. This reduces the amount of privacy you can have from prying eyes outside your room. Blinds limit the extent of shadow formation because of the design of their slats. Thus, if privacy is important to you, use blinds in your windows.

Ease of installation

Blinds come with easy-to-follow installation guides and materials, unlike curtains that require hooks and rods to be fitted above the window. Those rods and hooks are bought separately so it makes the installation process more complicated for homeowners.

Low maintenance costs

Blinds are easier to clean when compared to curtains. For instance, all you need to clean dusty blinds is a dry cloth to wipe off the dust. However, curtains must be taken down and put in the washer or taken for dry cleaning in order to remove any dust that they have absorbed. If you are looking for a low maintenance window covering, blinds are your answer.

Sleekness and simplicity

Blinds are much better for people who would like to have sleek yet functional window coverings that do not draw attention away from other aspects of the room such as the wall hangings. This is because blinds are usually made in conservative colors like metallic grey so they do not easily attract attention. They simply perform their functional role of covering your windows without standing out.

Consider the reasons above if you ever find yourself torn between choosing curtains for your windows and installing blinds. It will become easy to choose after that. For more information, contact a company like Ocean Grove Blinds & Awnings.