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Hello, my name is Katy and this blog is dedicated to how you can improve the interior of your home. Last year, I renovated my kitchen and it completely changed my life. Although I am really happy with the results, I didn't expect it to be so challenging. I kind of jumped in at the deep end, ripped my old kitchen out and then realised I had no idea how to install a new one or even what design I would like to choose. Thankfully, my friend who is a bit of an expert at these things guided me through the entire process and I learnt a lot of useful things. Since then, I have started to rennovate the rest of my home and garden.


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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Underfloor Heating

Are you thinking about investing in underfloor heating, but are not sure if it will be the right option for you? By understanding the different advantages and disadvantages of underfloor heating you can make an informed decision regarding if it's the right choice for you. The more information you're equipped with, the easier your decision will be. With that thought in mind, here are the top advantages and disadvantages of underfloor heating:

Advantages Of Underfloor Heating

To help you understand why underfloor heating is so desirable, here are some of their attractive benefits:

  • No radiators: Underfloor heating can remove the need to have radiators in your room, and that will free up some space. It may also increase the aesthetics of your room if you do not like the look of your radiators.
  • Higher heating coverage: Radiators will typically begin to heat a room up from the corner of the room in which they are placed. On the other hand, underfloor heating systems can heat up the room in a way that the whole room is heated evenly.
  • Save operating costs: Because of the feeling of warmth that you'll get from underneath the floors, you will require a lower thermostat setting in order to be satisfied with the temperature. This will save you money on your energy bills.
  • No noise: If you have relied in the past on central air heating systems, then you should be familiar with the nuisance of the noise as air blows. With underfloor heating there is no noise.
  • Long lifetime: Underfloor heating systems can outlast most other types of heating systems because they have a lifetime of up to 30 years.

Disadvantages Of Underfloor Heating Systems

To help you decide if underfloor heating systems are really for you, here are some of their weak points:

  • Installation costs: The operating costs of underfloor heating might be lower than of other heating systems, but the installation costs are typically higher. That's because the floor of your room needs to be taken apart before the underfloor heating system can be installed. This takes more manual labour than simply installing a radiator onto your wall.
  • Takes longer to heat up: Depending on the size of your room and material type of the floor, it can take longer to heat a room up with underfloor heating. However, you can get used to this drawback and overcome it by making sure to turn up the heating before you actually need it.