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Hello, my name is Katy and this blog is dedicated to how you can improve the interior of your home. Last year, I renovated my kitchen and it completely changed my life. Although I am really happy with the results, I didn't expect it to be so challenging. I kind of jumped in at the deep end, ripped my old kitchen out and then realised I had no idea how to install a new one or even what design I would like to choose. Thankfully, my friend who is a bit of an expert at these things guided me through the entire process and I learnt a lot of useful things. Since then, I have started to rennovate the rest of my home and garden.


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Questions Many Homeowners Have About Timber Shutters

Shutters can be a good choice for the interior or exterior of your home; inside, they can provide a window covering that is smaller and more compact than billowing curtains, and they won't clash with the fabric of your furniture no matter how often you may buy new pieces. Outside the home, they can provide protection from storms as well as some great visual appeal. If you're thinking of getting shutters for inside or out, note a few questions you might have and then discuss these with a salesperson as needed.

1. What is the best style for my home?

This will depend on the style of your home itself and the look you're trying to create; standard shutters come with two battens, or horizontal bars, that run across the vertical slats. A z-bar design has an additional batten that runs diagonally to create what appears to the be the letter Z; this is a bit busier but it can add a more rustic element to your shutters.

For a clean and modern look, you might opt for no battens that run across the shutters, or for flat panel shutters. Flat panel shutters have no slats across but are made from just that; simple flat panels. These are good for outside the home when you want to keep them open most of the time and have them frame the windows, and then for maximum protection against rain and wind when they're closed.

2. What are the advantages of timber shutters?

While shutters come in a wide variety of materials including PVC and vinyl, traditional timber shutters may offer a more traditional look to your home. Note that they may also be easiest to paint and stain, if you should want to change the look of the shutters.

3. Can shutters be taken with me to a new home?

It is possible to remove shutters from the wall, either inside or outside, and take them with you to a new home. Note, however, that while most windows are made to a few standard sizes, your current windows may be wider or more narrow than those sizes. In turn, your shutters may also need to be custom made to fit. They then may not work well in a new home, if they're too narrow to actually meet when they're closed or if they're so wide that they overpower the look of the windows when placed outside. While you can take shutters with you to a new home, don't absolutely count on them actually fitting the windows.

Check out a supplier like Blind Inspiration to learn more about your options for timber shutters.